Jobs. The unemployed life of a 22 year old. (Part 1)

So I’ve been spending most of my daily life for the past three months searching for…..Jobs.  Reaching almost a year after I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I haven’t had much luck in securing that much needed full time job.  However it’s funny thinking about the concept of needing a job, and this video sums it up perfectly:

If you watch it and laugh, instead of sit confused, then you understand the idiocy of America’s “job market”.  People all across the country are going through the same thing – graduate from college, being told that the world is now at their feet, then slowly realizing that the world does not care if you have a degree, so they start working at restaurants, retail shops, and administrative assistant positions (that require only a high school degree).  Oh, and the best part, we’re all in thousands of dollars of debt.  Empty pockets, but thousand to owe.  

I think the funny twist though, is that my generation is considered lazy and unmotivated to do anything with our lives.  I would like to know where the motivation is supposed to come from when this “degree” that seems oh so important at the time, won’t actually get us anywhere?  There are no jobs out of college.  Sure, there are the lucky few that land incredible positions for some huge company, corporation, organization, what have you.  But man, that is so far and in between.  And what’s hilarious about that sometimes is most of those incredible positions come after 1-2 years of bitch work for free.  Unpaid internships: one of the worst things that ever happened to college students.  Not only is the capitalistic system already messed up where CEOs sit around and make millions, but college students work their asses off while also trying to “get an education”…for free.  It’s one thing to volunteer for the goodness of others.  It’s another to be an unpaid intern.  

When I think of the time I’ve spent working toward a degree while juggling paid restaurant jobs, unpaid internships, and various activities that I all thought would look good on, the one and only, resume, it saddens me to think that I can only fill the shoes of a high school degree position.  Why the hell did I go to college?



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