New day, New blog

So I decided to switch from Tumblr to WordPress – I feel like I’m switching from TjMaxx to Armani or something, it’s so fancy.  Well we shall see how this plays out and if anyone cares to read.  At least on Tumblr, I have followers and can follow others.  Not sure if it works the same on here.  Guess we’ll find out!  Anyway, this is a blog about anything and everything.  I enjoy the comforts of food, as do most humans, so that will definitely be a returning subject.  Also, clothes, psychology, gender, music, sex, movies, politics, traveling, and maybe just some pictures of a puppy.  Please enjoy!  I might be writing to no one, but oh well. :]

To start, here’s a picture of a beach off the Australian east coast.  Australia was and still kind of is my life.  Love you, man.



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