Sex Ed. – Pros and…pros

Growing up and going to Catholic school in Northern Illinois didn’t lead me to the best sex education.  That’s pretty obvious though, it’s Catholic school.  Abstinence or nothing.

However, should that be an acceptable truth?

Now, unfortunately my knowledge of sex education throughout the country in the public school system is limited due to my zero experience.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t all know that the sex education program is either very small or virtually non-existent.

(By the way, this post isn’t going to include discussions with parents and their teenagers.  That’s a whole other animal)

With sex education not being a high priority for high school, even middle schools, people still wonder why there is still a high percentage of teenage pregnancies/abortions?  Contraception isn’t talked about, birth control still has a negative light (also still not covered entirely by insurance…that’s another post), and healthy sexual practices are not discussed to/by teenagers.

Mind you, there are probably some really awesome sex educators out there in the United States, and thank the universe for them.  But man, the experiences I’ve had were laughable.  So we need to do something about this.  Kids need to know what and how to use condoms, and that they are absolutely necessary.  STD’s!!  Holy shit, man.  It’s embarrassing sometimes to think how little people know about STDs and STIs.  Did you know that the majority of the human race carries the antibodies for Herpes? for HPV?  It’s information like this that needs to be getting out there to teenagers.  Also, information like masturbation.  I know it’s taboo to even think about, but hey it’s life.  Everyone does it.  Teenagers should be informed about it – the rights, the wrongs.

Here’s some links for extra info!:

Sex education and its association with teenage sexual activity, pregnancy and contraceptive use.

The most important thing teen girls should do but don’t: Masturbate

Genital Herpes Information




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