The Grand Budapest Hotel/Fantastic Mr. Fox – Amazing!

I just saw Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr.Fox in the past couple weeks and absolutely loved em!  I mean it’s Wes Anderson…watching all his movies never gets old.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer

Credit to Martin Scali from this link:,,20483133_20764813,00.html

Credit to Martin Scali from this link:,,20483133_20764813,00.html

The beauty of Wes Anderson films is his balance of drama and comedy.  Very dry, fast, hilarious comedy.  In Grand Budapest, he takes Ralph Fiennes and makes him into a lovable, beyond classy man with the high-class demeanor of a prince.  Then he found Tony Revolori from somewhere and created this brilliant, delightful lobby boy that ends up as Ralph’s sidekick/protégé.  Their teamwork is beautiful and truly never gets old.  It’s the usual cast of Wes Anderson regulars for the rest of the film’s characters, and they also add  to the charm of this crazy story.  Anderson’s universe is a place I wish I could live in, from The Royal Tenenbaums to Fantastic Mr. Fox.  He brings out the beautiful and the ugly from human nature, and allows us to realize some horrible truths about ourselves through a positive light.

Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer

Now this film is one I missed out on over the years, and fortunately was able to catch it a few days ago.  It’s impeccable stop motion and Meryl Streep’s voice.  Enough said.

Well, not quite.  I mean it has everyone and everything.  The usual tastefulness in Anderson’s writing mixed with a story by the infamous Roald Dahl brings together this story that is kind of all over the place, but makes us appreciate ourselves and our weirdness.  It’s the image I’d like to keep of a fox’s world, and how survival can still be framed as kinda fun.  Not sure it can ever be like that in reality, but hey this is Wes Anderson’s world.


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