Kitchen’s gods and goddesses / Virtuvės dievai ir dievaitės

This person is awesomeness. Follow his/her instructions on almond milk! I’m going to.


Some food items become part of kitchen’s interior. They wouldn’t leave and we can’t imagine a “normal” kitchen without them. They are like gods and goddesses, just sitting there at all times. For example, when I was growing up we ALWAYS had milk, eggs, sugar and bread. Now I have replaced those gods with new ones and am eager to share with you my nominees for the place on the Healthier Kitchen’s Mount Olympus.


#1 Almond Milk

Dear readers, I invite you to leave those cows alone and start making your own milk. You ask why? It’s fun, it’s healthy, it will make you feel like a superhero (not many people can brag about making milk).


When I first started making milk from almonds, my motivation was to add more healthy foods into my life. Now, I am addicted to it. I make it myself, because commercial nut milk…

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