The wonderful world of Beer :]


Credit: Omar Lozano/

Looking at that line of taps makes me very happy.  There’s nothing like a good, familiar bar with tasty beer that isn’t just carbonated water (ehhmm..PBR anyone?).  A place where the bartenders know what to ask, know how to pour, and know that a frosted mug is just commonplace.  That’s where the heart is.

As a bartender, I fell in love with beer and its culture.  During high school and the beginning of college I didn’t know there was variety in beer.  I just assumed it was all Miller Lite.  Sad, I know, but I also dirt poor.  Then some of my friends introduced me to an Indian Pale Ale (IPA), and my mind was blown.  It is still one of my favorite kinds of beer, and it brought me to a world of crafty, down to earth folks (because honestly, as much as I really love red wine, there’s a real difference between wine and beer connoisseurs).  Trying new Microbrews, learning about how to make beer, and understanding the history of it all is one of my true passions and something I can never get sick of enjoying.

So!  With all that being said.  I recommend this brands and varieties:

That’s Six Point from Brooklyn, NY.  Tasty as hell, man.  Sweet Action is my favorite and completely full of flavor!

Swwwweet Baby Jesus!  This Porter by DuClaw is incredible when it’s cold out and you just ate dinner.  It’s the dessert that you’re happy you can get drunk off of.  It’s also pretty good for you!  I say that just cuz porters and stouts are filled with vitamins, yum :]

 Credit: Rodney McPhail

Credit: Rodney McPhail

So I learned recently that Indiana has some pretty awesome breweries.  Who’d a thought?  It’s really good though.  I got this IPA called Osiris by Sun King Brewery and it’s heavy in hops, but amazing.  I like strong beers, so this was right up my alley.  Check it out!

But yeah that’s what I got for ya, enjoy!


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