Betta fish in the roots of Bamboo


I was visiting my man out in Philly and his friend’s roommate had this amazing looking design happenin with her betta fish bowl.  She put bamboo stick on top, with the roots floating in the water and decorative rocks all for a single beta fish to swim around and enjoy.  I thought, damn that’s cute, and I have a betta fish.  This can happen.

So I did it too!  It doesn’t look nearly as pretty as hers, but it’s worth a shot.  I just took a flower pot big enough for it to swim around in, found bamboo sticks on Amazon for 7 bucks, a small plastic cup that I poked holes through on the bottom, and cool blue stones that I fit on the bottom and with the bamboo sticks.  To feed the betta fish, just lift the cup and pour the food in.  Apparently, what I learned from the girl I originally saw this from is that betta fish really love swimming in weeds and roots.  That’s their natural habitat, and if you are like me, I never thought to find that information out.  So I figured if I’m gonna keep this little guy around, might as well make him more comfortable.

I give all the credit to the girl in Philly (I’m sorry, I wish I remembered your name) for finding out how to do this, so that I can do it too :]


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