Help Wanted: The New Women’s Suffrage

This just about sums up half the “personal assistant” jobs I looked at on Craigslist. It’s kinda sad how the media has created this image of Receptionist = Sex Toy. Thanks, Media.


CLad CLICK to see the FULL ad in all of its hideous glory

Tall Brewnette

Significant Experience in Requested Field

E. Edward Gray’s Legal Office
Job Duties Included: Habitual typos in important legal documents and required “punishment” for such.  A constant need for attention, direction, and correction.  Internally lamenting the absence of my father and externally seeking the approval of a dominant male figure.
Reason for Leaving:  Married boss.

Personal Assistant
Christian Gray’s Office
Job Duties Included: Playing hard to get, being easily overwhelmed and manipulated, easily awed by shiny things, having a minimal and unimpressive vocabulary, and successfully eluding contracts.
Reason for Leaving: Was offered a better position in publishing.

Personal Assistant to Jabba the Hutt
Jabba’s Palace, Northern Dune Sea, Tatooine
Job Duties Included: Daily attire in mixed metal bikini, cleaning between Jabba’s folds, occasional dancing, erotic asphyxiation.
Reason for leaving

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