From Bartender to Office Rep..what now?

It’s been exactly 1 year and 6 days since I walked across the stage and picked up my Bachelor’s Degree from AU.  It took me this long to finally land a full time job.  Not just any job, an adult job, with benefits and all.  I was bartending a wedding two nights ago and tried to imagine how I’d feel going to an office each day and sitting down for 8 hours.  Sitting is something I don’t usually do, especially while I make money, so this will be quite a challenge.

Also, I’m moving from Chicago to Denver by the end of next month, so if anyone has advice on that, let me know.

It seems scary to think that I’ll build a monotonous routine with this job eventually.  I mean, to be honest, it will be a struggle.  I’m used to moving around, talking to people, making jokes, making drinks, cleaning things, eating good food, and building and breaking things down.  How can I go from that to taking phone calls in an office?  It’s hard to imagine, but hey, I want to do it.  At least for now, I do.

I just hope that my forcing myself into this lifestyle of “young professional” doesn’t waste the young years in my life when I can be out exploring the world.  I don’t want to have to wait till I’m 65 to do that.  No one should.

So, in conclusion, I’m done ranting about being a young unemployed bartender, and will probably start eventually ranting about being the “young professional” I’m expected to be.  I’ve been wanting this for so long, but now that it’s here, it’s kind of terrifying.


2 thoughts on “From Bartender to Office Rep..what now?

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