Eyes Be Closed – Washed Out

www.feelguide.com...this is a damn sexy album cover

http://www.feelguide.com…this is a damn sexy album cover

So back in college, I used to co-host a radio show through our student internet station (some of the best times of college might I add).  Through that, we had access to upcoming music, local events, etc. and it really helped expand my knowledge of artists, genres, different music scenes, and just music in general.  It’s always one of my biggest passions, but that truly was my peek of activity within music.  Washed Out was one of my favorite bands for my co-host and I to play at the time.  They just came out with a new album, they still had a newer sound, and their music seemed to fit any mood you were in.  However, since we were hosting a radio show, as much as we wanted to enjoy the music ourselves, I felt like most of the time we were more concerned about learning these new artists’ sounds in order to incorporate them into the show more so than genuinely listening to them.

Now I can listen, and I’m falling for Washed Out all over again, as cheesy as that sounds.  Also, every time I watch Portlandia, I wanna listen to their albums again.  Now I know they have a bunch of other stuff, but Within and Without is still my favorite to listen to all the way through.  I can rarely do that with albums.  This one, I can.