Net Neutrality – why so serious

I’ve been a bit busy the past few days running around with catering jobs and family events, so I haven’t had much time to write.  However, I listen to NPR as often as I can while driving now, since I was reminded when I moved back to Chicago how much the radio sucks these days.  And today, I was driving from the University of Chicago to come across a segment on Net Neutrality.

My boyfriend and I have been talking about this recently too (more like him explaining to me the details I knew nothing about), and it seems to be a hot topic on various websites obviously, but not on the news.  Why is this not being reported on as much?  Why is it that this doesn’t seem to be serious enough to cause a stir in the media outside of Reddit?  I honestly didn’t hear about this until I saw it on Reddit.  So I’m just wondering why this lacks importance in this country?

Some people might ask about the concern behind these questions, and trust me, there is a lot of concern.  This is the INTERNET people.  A technology that allows for open information to become available to ANYONE.  I apologize for the caps, but I feel it’s necessary.  I understand there are a lot of people out there taking this very seriously, but c’mon world!  Is it really not a problem for people that a capitalistic system will be taking over the internet, therefore making it a competitive field?  It doesn’t bother people that we might have to pay extra to get the internet we want, however already have today for free?  The fact that we already have internet service providers to pay is absurd, but now there will be priority based bandwidth to haggle for as well?

This is bullshit.  So Listen, the internet is the last free frontier for people to share information and ideas.  It is a scary thought that it might be controlled and regulated by the powers that be.  Recognize and do something about it people!